Franz Schubert

Schubert accounts for 100 (2.24%) of 4472 works we've performed.

or put another way, 100 (2.24%) of our 4472 performed works have been by Schubert.

WorkNumber of PerformancesMost Recent Performance
Symphony #972016-10-07
Symphony #592016-04-29
Symphony #8 ("Unfinished")192015-01-23
Symphony #192013-06-21
Symphony #252013-06-21
Rosamunde Overture12012-04-06
Symphony #6102011-03-18
"Die Freunde von Salamanka" Overture12010-09-17
Fierrabras Overture22009-08-21
Symphony in E Major12007-06-01
Entr'act, Ballet Music12006-08-04
Symphony #372005-08-26
Alfonsa & Estrella Overture12004-01-02
Symphony #452003-04-11
Symphony #7112001-06-22
Overture in Italian Style, in C31995-07-14
Overture in Italian Style, in D31995-07-14
Rosamunde (Entracte and Ballet Music?)21993-11-12
Overture, Freunde von Salamanka11971-07-23
Overture in B-flat (D.11, D.26 or D.470?)11970-12-04
Symphony in E (orch. by Felix Weingartner?)11970-06-26

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