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We are always looking for string players!

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Most evenings we have 60 to 75 musicians present, and we can always use more violins, violas and basses. Our members consist of professional and semi-professional players as well as talented amateurs.

Join us for an evening, or for a few weeks as a guest before deciding whether you would like to join on a more permanent basis. We’d love to have you!

Although the brass, wind and percussion chairs are filled, we do frequently need substitutes or additional musicians in these sections for larger works.

If you’re passionate about music, joining a community orchestra like the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia can help enrich your life both musically and socially.

Musical Development: Community orchestras provide a space for musicians of all skill levels to hone their abilities. You can improve your technical skills, sight-reading ability, and learn new repertoire.
Social Connections: You’ll have the opportunity to meet people who share a common interest in music. Many members find lifelong friends through their orchestral involvement.
Performance Opportunities: Community orchestras offer regular rehearsal opportunities that can be thrilling and fulfilling. The joy of playing in a large ensemble with others can be a powerful motivator.
Sense of Accomplishment: Playing challenging pieces and contributing to the ensemble provides a sense of achievement. Each rehearsal completed can boost confidence and energy more than a cappuccino! .
Stress Relief: Making music can be therapeutic and helps many people alleviate stress. Being part of an orchestra allows you to focus on creating something beautiful. Who doesn’t love playing Schubert?
Cultural Contribution: You’ll contribute to the cultural vitality of your music community by helping to contribute to quality musical rehearsal that keep the music alive!
Lifelong Learning: A community orchestra include members of varying ages and backgrounds, offering a chance to interact with and learn from musicians who may be older or younger and with different experiences.
Supportive Environment: The OSP strives, like many community orchestras, to foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to grow and participate.

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