Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach accounts for 45 (1.01%) of 4460 works we've performed.

or put another way, 45 (1.01%) of our 4460 performed works have been by Bach.

WorkNumber of PerformancesMost Recent Performance
Brandenburg Concerto No. 131977-09-02
Brandenburg Concerto No. 431977-09-02
Komm susser Tod (Trans. Leonard)21967-03-10
Concerto in d for 2 violins21976-08-20
Orchestral Suite #221970-06-12
Concerto in F (?)21969-04-04
Cantata #51 Jauchzet Gott21978-08-25
Concerto in E for Violin21978-08-25
Orchestral Suite #122000-08-04
In Dir ise Freude - Trans. Balasz21967-04-07
Fantasia & Fuge (Trans. W.Smith)11994-05-08
Sinfonia for Strings ?11966-02-04
Orchestral Suite #411970-06-12
Concerto for two violins12003-02-28
Prelude in E ?11970-06-12
Brandenburg Concerti Nos. 1,2,3 & 412003-11-21
Cantata #8 Liebter Gott . . (K. Thompson)11971-02-19
Concerto for Violin, Oboe and Strings12008-01-18
Cantata #82 Ich habe genug (K. Thompson)11971-02-19
Suite #412008-01-18
Brandenburg Concerto No. 511975-08-29
Ricercare from A Musical Offering12008-04-18
Orchestral Suite #311975-08-29
Chaconne from Violin Partita #212008-09-12
Cantata #53 Schlage doch (Spurious - Melchior Hoffman)11978-08-25
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Arr. Stokowski)12009-01-23
Concerto for Oboe D'amore11970-03-27
Brandenburg Concerto No. 311979-12-28
Little Fugue in G minor (Arr. Stokowski)12009-01-23
Brandenburg Concerto No. 611983-08-26
Mass in B Minor, BWV 23212013-05-03
Brandenburg Concerto No. 211970-06-12
Cembalo Concerto #1 in d12014-05-30

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