Igor Stravinsky

Stravinsky accounts for 73 (1.64%) of 4460 works we've performed.

or put another way, 73 (1.64%) of our 4460 performed works have been by Stravinsky.

WorkNumber of PerformancesMost Recent Performance
Circus Polka11980-06-27
Danse Concertante11991-07-05
Firebird (1919)12014-03-07
Firebird suite82015-10-30
Firebird suite (1919)42017-10-27
L'Histoire du soldat Suite12014-08-01
Le baiser de la fee21977-12-09
Le baiser de la fee - Concert Ballet11978-04-13
Le baiser de la fee - Divertimento11983-04-15
Le Sacre du Printemps62007-11-09
Petrouchka (1911)22007-01-19
Petrouchka - excerpts11993-07-23
Pulcinella suite112000-06-30
Scherzo Fantatic11994-01-21
Suite #1 for small orchestra61989-08-18
Suite #2 for small orchestra51989-08-18
Symphonies of Wind Instruments22014-12-19
Symphony in C32008-02-22
Symphony in three movements21981-11-20
Symphony, op.122000-05-12
The Fairy's Kiss (complete)12002-11-29
Violin Concerto11975-09-06

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