Felix Mendelssohn

Mendelssohn accounts for 125 (2.8%) of 4460 works we've performed.

or put another way, 125 (2.8%) of our 4460 performed works have been by Mendelssohn.

WorkNumber of PerformancesMost Recent Performance
St. Paul Overture12018-01-19
Intermezzo, Dance of the Clowns, Notturno from A Midsummer Night's Dream12017-08-25
Symphony #152016-12-02
Symphony #4 ("Italian") - Barenreiter edition12016-06-10
Symphony #4202016-05-20
Symphony #4 "Italian"12014-08-08
Hebrides Overture (Fingals Cave), Op. 26142014-01-10
Ruy Blas Overture42013-08-16
Midsummernight's Dream: Overture, Op. 2132013-03-15
Symphony #5 "Reformation"112012-11-09
Symphony #3152012-02-17
Overture in C22009-10-16
Sinfonia #8 in D12009-02-13
Athalia Overture12007-11-02
The Fair Melusina12004-08-13
Midsummernight's Dream (Complete)32001-11-30
Piano Concerto32001-08-10
Das Heimkehr aus der Fremde Overture42000-06-02
Die Schone Melusine71999-06-18
Midsummernight's Dream71995-07-21
Symphony #221993-09-10
Violin Concerto71991-09-13
Trumpet Overture11989-10-06
Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage21982-08-06
Midsummer Night's Dream (Ov, Schzo, Nocturne)11982-08-06
Midsummernight's Dream, Op. 61:Scherzo31967-12-15
String Symphony #9 "Swiss"11966-05-13
Midsummer Night's Dream (Nocturne, Overture)11966-01-21
Midsummernight's Dream, Op. 61:Intermezzo11965-02-12

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